[TenTec] Eagle

Jim Vohland n9vo at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 3 08:31:21 EDT 2015

Just wanted to pass along a kudo to Ten Tec.  I ordered the Eagle last week during the big sale and was especially motivated by the inclusion of the SSB and CW filter in the deal. Well I received my eagle last thursday and starting checking it out. I received an email from a fellow ham who had ordered one also and he advised that his did not contain a cw roofing filter. I had not checked mine out yet so did so, and lo and behold, NO filter.

I waited till this morning and called the mother ship to inquire. The nice lady advised that the ad had been wrong on the website and they never intended to include the cw and ssb filters in the deal. BUT friday afternoon she said they decided to honor the ad. They will be sending out the missing CW filters starting tomorrow. 

Fantastic service in my opinion. Its the proper thing to do and they sure stepped up to the plate. Nice to deal with a reputable company.

I decided to add the AM filter too!!!

So if your missing your filter, it should be coming.

Thanks Ten Tec.


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