[TenTec] TT high prices

denton sprague denton at oregontrail.net
Mon Aug 3 19:13:14 EDT 2015

thought would pass along a copy of the bill from TT for my Orion repair.
keep in mind I am hearing impaired…pretty close to 95 percent deaf…have nothing above 1000 hrz and anything else would render ssb  pretty much in the mud for me.
Well my Omni 7 comes in a close second.
I had reports of rf getting into my transmitted ssb audio and then the ptt circuit went south….so had TT bring everything up to snuff.
They are shipping it via FedEx.

Item	Qty	Units	Description	Other Notes	Serial#	Unit Price	Amount
 	 	 	Replaced logic board. Replaced battery(2.90V). Replaced capacitors on power distribution board. Checked and no other problems found.
TLH Service	2	 	Technician Labor Hours	 	 	110.00	220.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	1	 	81917 BOARD	 	 	550.00	550.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	3	 	23677 CAP	 	 	3.00	9.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	3	 	23266 CAP	 	 	1.00	3.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	1	 	23267 CAP	 	 	1.00	1.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	2	 	23189 CAP	 	 	1.00	2.00
Misc Non Inventory Item	1	 	37009 BATTERY	 	 	9.00	9.00
Contact you w/ shipping costs	1	 	 	 	 	75.00	75.00
Subtotal	869.00
Tax	77.42
Total	$946.42
Amount Paid	946.42

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