[TenTec] TT high prices

Tony Lelieveld va3dwi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 10:56:05 EDT 2015

My Orion-II is now 8 years old and has not given me any problems but you 
never know when it does.  I also have an IC-746-Pro, willed to me by a dear 
friend who is now a "SK".  That's the very reason I still keep an older 
radio around.  My old TS-520-S and TS-440-S are excellent stand-by radios 
and will do fine in a pinch.  Even my Heathkit SB-303 RX and matching TX 
will still fit the bill.
73, Tony VE3DWI.

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a logic board for an icom 7800 was 900$   ... don't feel too bad

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