[TenTec] Orion II Cold Start Problem

Byron Peebles NZ3O at arrl.net
Sun Jun 7 01:48:00 EDT 2015

I have a problem with an Orion II when first powered on.

The unit begins to come up:
     1. Screen comes on, displays TT Logo, Firmware Revisions and so on.
     2. As the unit completes that boot, the S-Meter lights and the 
screen goes out.
     3. With the screen out, there is nothing lit on the front panel.  
No selection lights at all.
     4. If the screen stays lit, the lights are lit, but the main 
receiver seems muted.
     5. With the main receiver muted, there is no transmit capability 
through either VFO.
     6. I can hear on the sub-receiver (standard sub, not optional sub) 
but not transmit on it.

Is this a problem that will involve the factory?

TIA es 73, Byron

PS. Did Master Rest, Memory Clear, Firmware Update, Rinse and Repeat.

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