[TenTec] Argonaut VI Lost RX/TX on 160/80 Meters

Reed w4jz at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 13 17:03:56 EDT 2015

Yep Stuart the circuit uses both 160 & 80 meters, but no relays.  I 
printed out the schematic & believe U35 is the problem.  It is a surface 
mount device, but no part number or exactly where U35 is located on the 
preselector board.  I have an idea where it is, but these little chips 
are so small doubt if I had one I could successfully desolder & solder 
without messing up the trace.  I'm sure I need a heat gun & 3 magnifying 
glasses to do this kind of work.

I'm more curious why this happened.  It was receiving just fine & all of 
a sudden receive signals dropped from 10 over S9 to S1 & also no 
transmit. 40 through 10 are just fine.  I don't know if static could 
have caused this or a chip that was just defective that took a while to 
go out. I did take antenna down, OCF dipole built by Antennas West in 
1997, & did find some ants making a home inside the 6:1 balun. Cleaned 
that up & resealed. I did find one nick on the insulation which had the 
wire exposed to the elements & repaired that.  Guess tree limb rubbing 
might have caused that.  Other wise antenna insulation is in great shape 
to be this old.

Will give Ten Tec a call Monday.  Rig is out of warranty so hope the 
turn around is not going to be too long.  Would like to use it on field day.

Reed  W4JZ

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