[TenTec] 937 Power Supply Available

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hello my address is 236 brookside road east norriton 19401 how much for the tt power supply thanks paul N3TMX





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I find myself in possession of two 937s, and I only need one. These
are the 7A
units (11A ICS) with screw terminals on the back so they
can be used with any
low-power radio:

Serial # 96120044

It is in pretty good shape
cosmetically, however, I did install a
handle on the left side of the unit for
carrying it. The handle is
easily removed.

I am looking to sell this for
enough to cover shipping and handling,
which may be a bit since this is a
fairly heavy item.

If you are interested, contact me and provide your mailing
address so
I can discuss a price with you.

Pictures are available upon

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