[TenTec] [orion565] Any Orions being parted out?

Bill Sepulveda k5ln at austin.rr.com
Tue Jun 23 10:00:49 EDT 2015

Hi Barry,


I don’t have an Orion for spare parts, but I do have an Orion for sale for $1,400.00 dollars.  It is 10 years old, is fully loaded with all filters and built in antenna tuner.  I made a CW ID LED box which plugs into Aux. port and flashes when the signal is tuned in to 700 Hz.  It will come in the original packing box, power cable, CW ID LED box, Manual, Schematic, and a bunch of articles I have collected over the years.  The rig is in very good condition and was well taken care of, and looks like new.  It has the V2 factory mod so it will accept all the latest firmware updates. It also has a new display (Blue) which looks neat and little less harsh on the eyes.


If anyone is interest please let me know?  I am good on QRZ.



Bill, K5LN



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Are there any Orions or OrionIIs out there being parted out?


Thanks & 73,

Barry N1EU



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