[TenTec] Astron SS30 power supply leave on?

Reed w4jz at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 25 01:01:01 EDT 2015

I have a Astron RS-35A that was bought new back in the 80's & so far not 
had any problems.  I don't leave power supply on if I am not using it. I 
did, about 20 years ago, install a APC UPS (uninterrupted power supply) 
after a RS-20A that did get hit by lightning which was plugged into a AC 
outlet.   I use a APC UPS also on all other electronic equipment that is 
sensitive to power surges which we can get on clear days here.  Since I 
did this I have not had any issues with lightning hitting equipment or 
damage from power surges. I also lost a VHS player/recorder from a huge 
power surge shortly after losing the RS-20A.

I also use a PWRgate PG40S that will switch to a deep cycle gel-cell 
battery when the UPS battery drops the AC which is about 5 minutes. 
Usually a surge doesn't last but a few seconds, but power outages can be 
several hours.  This gives me time to turn everything off normally if 
equipment is on.

Reed  W4JZ

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