[TenTec] [Ten Tec} Corsair II weak weak receive

jon greenwood n8mus at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 10 22:50:16 EDT 2015

Thanks James and also Stuart.
I am busy for the next few days and probably wont get back to the radio for a few. I REALLY appreciate the input. 
I am waiting for the pin diodes and just picked up a DMM that includes a transistor tester built in so I will check the old one first to see what it's condition is. 

I think all the comments are spot on and could be one of these for sure. Just need a good day off or two to get after it. 

I will post updates as I proceed. 

Again Big THANK YOU to all. 


     On Friday, October 9, 2015 12:42 PM, JAMES HANLON <knjhanlon at msn.com> wrote:

I'd suggest that you measure the Q6 transistor that you removed to see what its condition is.  An ohm meter measurement of the emitter-to-base diode and of the collector-to-base diode, both forward and reverse directions, would tell you whether the transistor was  dead or alive.  
Jim, W8KGI
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