[TenTec] For Sale: Ten Tec ARGO 556 with all Nine Band Modules

Zskinz, Inc r.zoerb at live.com
Wed Sep 2 17:42:40 EDT 2015

Excellent condition ARGO 556 (QRP version of the Scout), with a complete set of band modules 10 meters through 160. 

The ARGO is in excellent condition and does have the noise blanker installed. Included in the sale would be the ARGO, nine band modules, Ten Tec hand mic, Operator’s Manual and power cord. I believe I also have the mobile mount which has never been used, if so it would be included as well.  Everything you need to get on the air except the antenna system. 

The only flaw is the crowbar pin on the 12 meter module is broke on the top end but a tug on the bottom disengages the module without a problem. The ARGO works surprisingly well on SSB and lives up to the Ten Tec reputation on CW which utilizes the Jones Filter. 

Price:  $450 plus split the shipping. At that price, consider you are paying an average of $50 for each module and the ARGO and other items are at no cost. 

If you have any questions or would like to try a sked, please contact me via KI0II at arrl.org.   (Today might not be a good time for a sked, the bands are lousy!).

Thanks You.



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