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Cleaning out the shack of unused items, and have the following for sale: 

Ten-Tec Model 962 Power Supply/Speaker. Matches Corsair II, Paragon, 
Excellent condition. $80 + shipping. 

Ten-Tec Model 255 Deluxe Power Supply/Speaker, with built-in amp meter. 
Matches Omni-A/D/C. Excellent condition. $80 + shipping. 

Will trade either of these power supplies for a small, light-weight 12V DC 
switching power supply of 20 amps or more. 

Ten-Tec Model 305 Level Converter. Icom CI-V interface, will allow CAT 
control of up to 4 radios thru one RS-232 serial port. Works with 
Omni-VI/VI+, IC-735, and others with 2-wire serial output. 
Requires 8-14V DC. No power cable, but I will include a DB-25 to DB-9 serial 
cable for computer hookup. $30 shipped. 

New, never used black plastic side panels for Ten-Tec Triton IV/540/544 
series radios. $25 shipped. 

Ten-Tec Model 310 cooling fan. Works on any Ten-Tec transceiver with the 
external horizontal-finned heat sink. RCA plug plugs into aux 12V jack. $30 

LP-PAN2 High-performance IF based SDR/ panadapter. This one is the latest 
version, and has 2 crystals installed for use with either K3 or Ten-Tec 
transceivers with a 9 MHz IF tap, selected by internal jumper. BNC input 
from radio. I/Q outputs go to computer sound card. Works with several 
different panadapter programs and/or CW Skimmer. Sound card determines 
available bandwidth. 
$190 shipped. 

Creative E-MU 0204 external USB soundcard with driver CD. Works on Windows 
XP, 7, or 7/64. Don't know if it will work on Windows 8 or 10. Will include 
USB cable, 
and appropriate cables for hookup to LP-Pan. Will run at 48, 96, or 192 KHz 
$40 shipped. 

EL-Key single lever, non-iambic CW paddle. Very heavy, and one of the best 
single-lever paddles I've ever used. Well used, but in decent shape. Black 
base, chrome-plated parts. Has been modified to increase the spacing between 
the paddles, but can be easily set back to original spacing. 
$80 shipped. 

Please reply direct to: n4uw at chartertn dot net. 

Tnx & 73, 
Luther N4UW 

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