[TenTec] A fan for Omni VII

denton sprague denton at oregontrail.net
Wed Sep 9 13:55:38 EDT 2015

Pull the internal speaker and  mount a fan in its stead. 
I have read that TT recommends using fan blowing out of the case. 
But I would try it both ways and see which keeps the internals the coolest.
One can place a small piece of window air conditioner filter on top of the fan if it pulls outside air in.

On Sep 9, 2015, at 10:35 AM, Michael Rutkaus <mrutkaus at gmail.com> wrote:

> Got it a year or so ago, experienced the withering mystical power shut down
> when transmitting and the finals get too hot. Took me a while.
> Then got the rear mount fan from TenTec, seems fine for the transmitting
> part.
> BUT, just as a receiver, this new OMNI VII seems to get pretty hot on the
> top for me.
> To those who know this unit, where inside would be the best place to put one
> or two little 12 fans? And pointed in which direction?
> Thanks
> Mike K4QET
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