[TenTec] It's getting cold. Perfect antenna weather for a OCF dipole

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Sat Sep 19 15:46:32 EDT 2015


It's been way to quiet here. 

With fall only a week away and winter not too far behind, it's a great time for antenna work. 

I'am going to out up a off center fed dipole. 

After reading pages after pages of information about this antenna it seems to work differently depending to quite a few factors. 

Such as how high up, gauge of wire, insulated or not and of course the feed point. 

From what I've read, 137' wire. Short end about 42' 

(All lengths are for example only!)

Now according to W8JI, he suggest the short end should be 24' 

Has anyone built a OCF dipole to W8JI dimensions? 

According to his web page, the above feed point will get me 30 meters. I'd love to put my Argonaut VI on 30 meters this fall. 

I've got the wire a good 4:1 current balun and a rainy Sunday. 


from my iPhone

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