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there’s nothing wrong with either radio.

We hams have a tradition of being cheap— super tight with their money.  In fact, most hams i know, if you stick up lump of coal up their ass, in a week you’ll get a diamond.

Yet, there are thousands of us ( I’am not one of them!) that will go out and by the latest and greatest radio, play with it for a few months then turn it over and get a newer model from a different company.

Have you looked at all the Elecraft KX3s for sale? or the K3?

There’s a flood of K3s on the used market because of the upgrade to the K3S. Some guys have gotta have the newest version and whoa, out goes the older one.

Same thing happened with the Kenwood TS590. Newer version, people got rid of the older version.

When Ten Tec announced the $999 Eagle, lots of guys bought it. After all it listed for $2200 (if i remember right) so, you got to play with a high end radio for a grand, keep it for a month or two and then sell it for $1200 on the used market and make a few bucks.

Buy either one, you won’t go wrong.

Mike, WB8VGE

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> On Sep 25, 2015, at 10:04 PM, Gordon Jacobs <gordonjacobs at att.net> wrote:
> I have been using TEN TEC gear for 25 years +. I have started to think about getting an Eagle. The reviews I have seen say it is one of the best  radios on the market. I have been watching the for sale lists, and There is always an Eagle or an Omni VII for sale. It makes me wonder why. Usually the best radios are hard to find. Is there some issuewith them that no one is saying anything about? 73 Gordon KA5ZTI 
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