[TenTec] Orion 2 Zero RF out

Ron Stone gw3ydx at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 16:57:46 EST 2016

Have an O2 that has been behaving pretty good for the past two years. Last week it developed an intermittent fault of no RF output. It could be fixed by giving the chassis top a sharp rap with the knuckles. While there is no RF, the relay can be heard clacking away with the CW keyingl, and SWR indicates1.0, but no activity from the ALC light and absolutely zero output. 

Yes the  TX is assigned to Ant 1 and VFO A TX LED is lit. I confirm that in the TX menu the TX is on and both keying loops are off. There is no rear panel connection besides the power and Ant 1 to a dummy load. The RX works normally. Monitoring it on another RX I could not detect the slightest signal. I have done a total reset, and unplugged and De-Oxitted the connectors on all the boards above and below the chassis, ensured that the mini-coax connectors are all seated home, De-Oxitted all the white plugs and sockets I can find, but to no end. The fault has now become permanent, so I suppose it is now easier to find.

Any idea where I should start looking, please ?


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