[TenTec] Ten Tec Centaur parts.. free for postage

Tim Cook nz8j at woh.rr.com
Mon Dec 12 20:10:27 EST 2016

In going through some boxes I found some parts that are for a Centaur Amp. I
think they originally came from AF5U according to the paperwork and
handwritten notes. There are two small bags of parts, one in for inrush, it
looks like it might be for 220v as there is only one thermistor and 2
jumpers, the other bag contains what is described as parts to rebuild
circuit boards, it contains 4 or 5 transistors, a diode and a 5 wat 1 ohm


If anyone can use them, they are yours for the postage to get them to you..
I would guess $2 or $3 dollars would do it..





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