[TenTec] Omni VI+ calibration

Jim Allen jim.allen at longhornband.net
Tue Dec 20 18:56:05 EST 2016

I am in the process of checking calibration on this Omni VI+.

When I zero beat WWV 10 MHz. the dial shows 9998.89.

I put the radio in CW, and use a iPhone app, PANOTUNER which is used to
tune musical instruments and believed to be accurate within a hertz or so,
to set the zero tone to 700 Hz. which is what my sidetone is set for and
which is what the PANOTUNER shows it to be.

The mystery is that the adjustment of what I think is the TCXO at the back
of the logic board, only moves the frequency a hundred hertz or so, not
enough to be able to zero with the readout at 10000.00.

I have found the wiki on this, and some archival discussion from several
years back, and the process seems straight forward.  It's just not working
as expected.

Any ideas what I am missing, or what isn't right, here.


73 Jim Allen W6OGC

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