[TenTec] Corsair I

k7mks at comcast.net k7mks at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 02:07:41 EST 2016

My Corsair I draws 9-10 amps, on its panel meter set to measure "IC", when first turned on with the TT power supply and the DRIVE pot FULL CCW and the ALC pot on any position. There is NO power output, measured with the panel meter set to FWD, or by using a Drake W4 Wattmeter. It does not take long for the heatsink to get hot to the touch which is no surprise because it is drawing 9-10 ampl. 

At this time if I increase DRIVE I start to get RF output and the IC reading starts to increase from 9-10A to 15-18 with 100 W measured RF out. The ALC works correctly and the panel IC reading drops and everything works as it should. 

If I now turn it off at the PS or Corsairs ON-OFF switch, then turn it ON, I'm back to the exact conditions outlined in the first paragraph. And around and around we go!. Help - I'm desperate! 

A S...bucks gift certiicate awaits the responder who correctly diagnoses this merry-go-round problem 

Merry Christmas to all. joe k7mks 

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