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Karl Schwab ktschwab at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 15:53:19 EST 2016

IRC's expire and can not be redeemed for cash.  Us DX-ers now us the ARRL LOTW and electronic QSL-ing.
73, Karl, KO8S 

    On Tuesday, December 27, 2016 2:59 PM, Richard Knox via TenTec <tentec at contesting.com> wrote:


TenTec Fans,

Over the years I have made numerous overseas contacts with my various TenTec rigs:  Century 21; Century 22; Corsair II and Omni VI+.    However my stash of IRCs is rapidly diminishing. 

So recently I went to the Post Office to purchase some more IRCs.  I was surprised that the USPS no longer provides these.  And hasn't for several years.

If anyone on the list has any IRCs they would be willing to sell me, please contact me off the list.

My contact info is KnoxCOLatAOL.com

I hope everyone is having a most Merry Christmas Season and Happy Holidays!

73!  de KD4BRL  Dick

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