[TenTec] Need help with SDR software using LP-Pan on an Omni VI+

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 21:52:46 EST 2016

Hi!  I'm hoping someone can help me out here...

I am running a LP-Pan SDR IF receiver on my Omni VI+. A Clifton Labs IF amp
is installed in the Omni and provides the 9-MHz IF signal to the LP-Pan SDR
IF receiver.  Audio card is a Berhinger 0204.  Computer is a  3-gig dual
core Dell running Win 10.

I have the following software installed:  HDSDR and Nap3, last shareware
version of HRD, and  Omni Rig, I just recently wanted to add CW Skimmer.
The problem is I can run HDSDR or NaP3, and they interface fine with the
Omni VI+.  I can run CW Skimmer, and it works with the Omni VI as well.

The problem is that I want to be able to have both CW Skimmer and HDSDR or
NaP3 running concurrently.  I don't see how to do this, and I am wondering
if anyone has any suggestions? When I bring up both programs. Skimmer does
not work. I suspect it is because both are trying to share hardware Comm
Port 1??

Do I need some sort of Bridging software, and is there any that works with
my antiquated equipment?


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