[TenTec] Need help with SDR software using LP-Pan on an Omni VI+

Martin Sole hs0zed at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 04:07:31 EST 2016

For the serial comms you need an application that will allow you to make 
some virtual serial ports and have them all talk to your one physical 
serial port. There are a few out there, Google is your friend. I recall 
using a product that had a ham callsign in it's name. For the audio 
splitting something like VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) will do the job.

There are other apps that encompass all of this in one, N4PY.

Martin, HS0ZED

On 30/12/2016 05:52, Peter Bertini wrote:
> Hi!  I'm hoping someone can help me out here...
> I am running a LP-Pan SDR IF receiver on my Omni VI+. A Clifton Labs IF amp
> is installed in the Omni and provides the 9-MHz IF signal to the LP-Pan SDR
> IF receiver.  Audio card is a Berhinger 0204.  Computer is a  3-gig dual
> core Dell running Win 10.
> I have the following software installed:  HDSDR and Nap3, last shareware
> version of HRD, and  Omni Rig, I just recently wanted to add CW Skimmer.
> The problem is I can run HDSDR or NaP3, and they interface fine with the
> Omni VI+.  I can run CW Skimmer, and it works with the Omni VI as well.
> The problem is that I want to be able to have both CW Skimmer and HDSDR or
> NaP3 running concurrently.  I don't see how to do this, and I am wondering
> if anyone has any suggestions? When I bring up both programs. Skimmer does
> not work. I suspect it is because both are trying to share hardware Comm
> Port 1??
> Do I need some sort of Bridging software, and is there any that works with
> my antiquated equipment?
> Pete
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