[TenTec] Fwd: TEN TEC Corsair II weak reception

Marco Cogoni cogoni at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 15:56:02 EDT 2016

Hi all,
happy to be able to post on this mailing list about ten tec stuff!

I recently acquired a Corsair II in good condition but with some problems.
Apparently everything is OK, but I still have an issue: on some bands
(mostly from 15m upwards) I noticed a weak reception when I use the main
antenna input. The problem goes away if I switch to the RX antenna.
No, it doesn't seem to be the RX ant switch :) I cleaned it and operated it
100 times... it doesn't even scratch.
I believe that the culprit is a faulty switching diode among D1-D6 in the
rx/tx switch.
Is there any simple way to disassemble the back of the radio without
desoldering 100 wires? I started to do it but I got scared away...
And more importantly, what kind of diodes should I put in? My schematic
does not say anything about that.
Found something about 1N4007, poor man's PIN diodes. I think I could even
put a 1N4148 since it does switch just the rx path. The 4148 is apparently
the diode with the smallest attenuation with a 10 mA current.

Thanks for your help!

marco / IS0KYB

marco cogoni

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