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Mon Jun 6 23:42:49 EDT 2016

At 06:00 PM 6/6/2016, km2km at twc.com wrote:
>Does anyone have any factual information on impaired driving senses 
>when operating CW.  After all, one hand is off the wheel and just 
>where is the mind?

On the road, of course.  Many can talk on the phone and drive safely. 
CW is safer because the key is in a comfortable place, not in one's ear.

Been doing this since high school... never an accident in 6 
decades.  But I would suggest that those who want to try it learn to 
copy in your head (conversationally)
and if necessary to take occasional notes, keep the notepad clipped 
atop the dash within eye-view. and keep your eyes on the road, 
always.  (common sense)

It's sure a great companion on long trips (and most always QRM free).

C U somewhere down the asphalt....;-)

Perry    w8au 

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