[TenTec] CW Mobile

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Tue Jun 7 11:46:32 EDT 2016

>"W6AM used to careen around SoCal in his KW mobile like that, well into his
dotage.  It's a miracle he didn't kill somebody."

Not for W6AM.  If you can copy QRQ in your head, there's less propensity for
an accident than holding a conversation in a vehicle while periodically
turning to look at the passenger.  Same while sending.  

During the late '70s, I operated mobile CW while commuting between the
Chicago suburbs and NIU at DeKalb, IL.  Since I can copy in my head, road
concentration was never an issue.  I operated in urban traffic as well as
90+ MPH on the county farm roads.  For me, my mind is further away when
talking on a cell phone.  And that's the real danger -- so is daydreaming
while driving.   Has anyone on the list driven on a long section road while
in deep thought and later realized "I don't recall getting here?"  I have,
many times.  The mind can go on cruise control just like our vehicles.

During college, my mobile operation consisted of a Yaesu FT-101EE on the
passenger seat and a Hustler mobile whip on the rear bumper of a Chevy Monte
Carlo.  The Monte Carlo had bucket seats with a carpeted transmission riser
in between.  That allowed taking a keyer like a Heath HD-1410, turning it
upside down, placed in between the seats and pointing the paddles toward the
front of the vehicle.  For right-handed ops, the palm is placed on the keyer
cabinet with fingers toughing the paddles.  This is all happening to your
immediate right with no obstruction.  If there's a need to grab the wheel
with both hands, it can be done quickly.

At least in this state, we allow physically-challenged persons with a single
arm to drive.  If the roads are safe enough for them, it's safe enough for
the rest of us.  While they may undergo special driver training, we have the
ability to use the alternate hand if required. 

For southpaw CW ops, well...

Paul, W9AC

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