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The process is tedious and a bit time-consuming (at least for the first one) 
but not impossible if you have decent small mechanical skills.


As otherwise noted in another reply, get something to keep the parts from 
getting away, especially the bearings (which want to jump out of the race 
and "race" around when the PTO is taken apart) and the retainer pin. I picked 
up a slightly misshapen heavy aluminum foil disposable sheet cake pan on the 
cheap at a local discount outfit; it works very well to contain the pieces.

There are several writeups on PTO rebuilding archived on the TT Wiki:


I haven't looked at it myself, but there is at least one PTO video on YouTube 
which shows up in a search. Also, while the rig in N5ESE's writeup is a 
Century 21, the process has a lot in common with the Omnis and his article is 
well documented with pictures:


I have also found that the rebuild kit may not always be necessary if the 
parts in the PTO aren't damaged or excessively worn: just cleaning everything 
up and using fresh grease sometimes will do the trick. Whether to do that or 
use all the parts supplied in the kit is your call in your situation.

Hope this helps.

73 es GL, Al

On Fri June 10 2016 11:46:45 pm k7mks at comcast.net wrote:
> I'd appreciate comments, from those who have "been there," on the removal,
> cleaning, lubricating, and reinstalling of the PTO unit in the Omni D. The
> manual seems a little thin on this subject. There may be others, beside
> myself, who will benefit from your wisdom.
> Thank you joe k7mks
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