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Carl Moreschi n4py3 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 15 17:17:27 EDT 2016

There's a software procedure in my Omni V.9 firmware that allows you to 
exactly calibrate it.

Here's a clip form the Omni V.9 manual that tells how to do it.

>  Crystal Calibration Mode -
>     There is now a way to correct for crystal aging.  To calibrate
>     a specific band, proceed as follows:
>       1) Tune to the band and frequency of the known source signal.
>          Mtune must be off for this procedure.
>       2) Tune the dial to read the exact frequency desired.
>       3) Press SHIFT TUNE.
>       4) Tune the signal in as accurately as possible.  The display
>          should not change while you are tuning.  Take care to not
>          tune the dial any more than is necessary.
>       5) When the signal is properly tuned, Press ENTER.  This will
>          exit the crystal calibrate procedure.
>     Please note that the scratch pad memory and alternate VFO will be
>     set to the value of the current VFO when the procedure is complete.

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On 6/15/2016 4:34 PM, Dry Martini Holding Company😎 wrote:
> I have an Omni V with the N4PY V.9 upgrade. A problem has recently surfaced. On 40m for instance, when I am talking to someone on say 7115khz, I have to tune the rig to 7114.2. IOW, my freq display is reading lower than actual.
> On 20m I had a QSO on 14056, but my display shows 14057.
> What. Involved in calibrating the freq display?
> Tnx,
> Robert
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