[TenTec] Stuck VFO knob on TT OMNI A type rigs - easy repair

Bryan Lee Cornwell blcornwell at k2blc.com
Tue Jun 28 18:40:52 EDT 2016

Yep....Done 8 or 10 the same way. Has always worked for me using the 
same product

On 6/28/2016 5:47 PM, David Perrin wrote:
> 	I am not a purist. I do however get excited about alternative successful optional methods when it involves saving money, time or length of repairs, or longevity of the repair.
> 	The issue I am thinking of is the slow, sluggish, wind back the set frequency a bit when you let go of the tuning knob. Solutions abound with rather difficult repair instructions using Ten-Tec’s special grease that holds things in place and provides the “correct” tension with which the tuning knob operates. Wow! What a pain all that can be.
> 	My solution is much simpler, its done in a fraction of the time and- to date it lasts almost 18 years.
> 	It began back in 1998 or 9 when a bicycle lubricant called “Tri-Flow” was recommended for my then new BikeE recumbent bike. This spray lubricant, costing about $10 a can, is manufactured with minature silicone bearing balls within the liguid.
> 	Take the rig out of its case. Take the VFO covers off. As an alternative you could take the VFO out, but I generally don’t. I put the radio over a bench with newspapers under the rig. Then I spray the PTO mechanism and slowly gently start to ‘work’ the knob. As things loosen up I continue to bathe the mechanism in the Tri-Flow lubricant. It will continue to loosen the TT grease and it will drain off along with the lubricant. When the gearing is sufficiently loose I let it drain off over night. Button it up and you are done.
> 	My results: it works, it lasts for years, it doesn’t require dismantling the PTO mechanism, its’ inexpensive and it’s not nearly as frustrating.
> 	Or course if you do have actual worn out parts that is a different issue. My experience has been to not need a new brass tuning shaft. Brass on brass shouldn’t wear out. In the grand scheme I don’t believe a tuning shaft ever gets turned as much as a clock motor before it fails, and gets the same repair.
> 	"Hey, Mikey.try it,. you’ll like it.”
> 73 de Dave in NH, K1OPQ
> (same call since 5/60)
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