[TenTec] Corsair I gone bad!

Clayton Brantley clayton_n4ev at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 18:45:31 EDT 2016

I would just pull the PA from the Paragon and drop it in the Corsair.  Most of the
TenTec PA stages look alike ?  Wonder why?  HI.  Might have to tweek the biasand input ckt, but that is what I'd try first (after looking at the wiring.)

Good luck with the fix.Clayton N4EV

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BANG! Puff.....Stinky pooo...Poor fella..... Now that I am over my little 
chuckle....Greetings Joe.  Sorry to hear of your troubles.  I agree that you 
have blown output transistor(s) in the corsair 1.  Now I suspect that the 
Paragon has the same output transistors as the Corsair.  Check the manuals. 
If so, consider removing them from the Paragon and replace.  I do not know 
if they need to be in paired matching sets or not.  This might be a way to 
get you back on the air quickly.  All is well here.  Let me know how you 
faired.  Regards,  Bob K4BG

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During testing thru a Bird 43 into a dRAKE

During testing thru a Bird 43 to a Drake KW dummy load my Corsair decided to 
quit with a bang like a firecracker and a puff of smoke exiting from the 
3/8" hole in the top of the final assembly. The power supply breaker tripped

After I recovered from this sudden turn of events I discovered that I still 
had a working transmitte but could only get about 30-45 watts output before 
the PS breaker tripped at about 14A or so.

I strongly suspect my Corsair went from a nicely working radio to a "parts 
unit" in an instant but decided to touch base with those that are more 
comfortable with the events I've described. What likely went astray in the 
RF final?

73 Joe K7MKS

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