[TenTec] OmniVI+ S meter

w3ka at lycos.com w3ka at lycos.com
Tue Nov 8 19:12:37 EST 2016

Hi Paul..
    Had the exact same issue with my VI+.. Found that R25 on the IF/AF 
81602 board was
sitting on a "dead spot".  Gently rock the pot adjustment with an 
alignment tool just enough
to move it off the dead spot without disturbing the preset alignment too 
Easy fix, hope this works for you also..
                                     73,  Jim W3KA

On 2016-11-08 15:55, Paul DeWitte wrote:

> The S meter on my Omni VI+ never goes above S5 on RCV, regardless of
> how strong the incoming signal is.
> I do not find any reference to S meter adjustment in the owners
> manual. For those in the know,
> Is there any adjustment or have I missed something?
> The meter works fine in the other positions. So it is not the meter 
> itself.
> Thanks,  Paul K9OT
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