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P C Andy Anderson xtraham58 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:32:13 EST 2016

Ron ,  The Elecraft KPA500 is my choice at this time.

Andy, W3LI


My apologies in advance for a potentially somewhat off-topic posting...

Got called into the CFO's office yesterday (don't worry, it was good news).  We (the company's the IT department) were all informed that we're all receiving a fairly decent bonus along with our regular pay at the end of the month.  So I guess we did something right!

So once the money is in hand, or at least in the bank... I'm going to be in the market for an HF amp.  For a variety of reasons, something in the 400 - 600 W output range, 160 - 10.  (Much as I'd love a 2 KW class amp, the bonus won't be THAT much, especially after taxes, and I DO have to spend a little bit of it on the XYL -- dinner, movie, something nice)

Obviously, or maybe not so obviously, the amp would have to play nice with both an Omni VI+ and an Omni VII,  (Of COURSE I'd love a Ten Tec amp to go with them, but my luck never seems to work out that well!)

If anyone on the list is either in the process of selling an amp in this category, or knows of someone who is, please email me directly OFF LIST at w3wn at arrl dot org.

Again, there's no immediate rush, as I won't have the shekels for about 2 weeks from today.  But that gives a little time to make any appropriate arrangements and such.

Thanks for your time reading this, and my apologies again for going slightly OT

73, ron w3wn
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