[TenTec] F/S - Ten-Tec Omni V--meter tests

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Nov 29 14:40:13 EST 2016

You can check the meter movement by applying momentarily, ohm meter 
probes to the back terminals of the meter, watching to have proper 
polarity. (many meters have a + molded into the black back case.  Be 
aware some ohm meters have positive on the black lead.  You may want to 
include a series high value resistor so as to not "bang" the meter 
pointer by meter overloading.

If the meter deflects up scale with this very short momentary test, you 
next have to check the connections from meter to the circuit board. 
Particularly, check any signal diodes near the meter connection.

An open either inside the meter circuit or in the associated AVC 
circuit, will cause no action from the S meter.
Stuart Rohre

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