[TenTec] Orion Keying Loop

Michael Marx sndtubes at vacuumtubes.com
Sun Dec 10 12:41:22 EST 2017

Hi Guys,

I have been dealing with a sick Centurion.  Still having problems.  I am going to rebuild the QSK board and try again.

However, when I was testing the Centurion with my Orion 1, I had keying loop 1 connected and it was working….for a short time.   Something happened when I was testing and suddenly the amp would no longer key.  I think the problem lies in the QSK board.  I’m sure something failed there again.

But, when the amp stopped keying, so did the radio.  If I have the keying loop turned on, the radio will not key at all.  If I turn the key loop off, the radio keys fine.  if I turn on keying loop #2, the radio keys fine.  So the radio keys fine except when I have key loop 1 turned on in the menu.  

So my question is, have I damaged keying loop #1?  If so, what do I need to do to fix it?

thanks for all of the expert advice!


Michael Marx
sndtubes at vacuumtubes.com

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