[TenTec] century 22

Lee lee at wa3fiy.com
Fri Dec 29 12:40:10 EST 2017

Mike, I assume you know the Century 22 like it's older brother Century 
21 is not signal signal receiver.  It tunes just like a direct 
conversion receiver where you hear both sidebands as you tune thru the 
signal.  No problem...just be aware.  That said, the C22 is a very nice 
radio.  Stable, nice clean audio, good variable selectivity, Ten-Tec 
break-in keying and decent transmitter power.  I had one for many years 
and enjoyed using it.

Good luck,



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>Hi all, I am contemplating purchase of a Century 22 and would like to 
>what people on the list think of that rig.
>Thanks and 73
>Mike W2IY
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