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Rick at dj0ip.de Rick at dj0ip.de
Sat Dec 30 12:45:43 EST 2017

Hi Mike,

The "D" radio still had more current draw on RX than the analog one did.
With the analog one I also turned off the dial light and used candlelight to see the scale.
Of course now days we would use an LED lamp.

Recalling from memory (risky), the "A" had about 300 mA of current drain when the dial lamp was off, whereas the Argonaut 509 drew only 150 mA of current with the dial lamps off.

Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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> Rick,

Why didn’t you simply turn off the display on the “D” version? There’s a button on the front panel just for that purpose.

mike, wb8vge

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> People may wonder why I did not like the "D" version.
> Simple:  Battery drain.  Most of my portable operation was off of a motorcycle battery.
> 73,
> Rick, DJ0IP
> (Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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