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Lee lee at wa3fiy.com
Sat Dec 30 14:24:31 EST 2017

  Yes, both Century 21 and 22 hear both sidebands all the time.....just 
LIKE a simple direct conversion receiver.  Granted, the conversion 
details of both radios differ from a simple direct conversion receiver.

I may have started this discussion when I said "...It tunes just like a 
direct conversion receiver where you hear both sidebands as you tune 
thru the signal...." in response to the original question.  Emphasis 
maybe should have been put on the words "TUNES JUST LIKE".  Sorry, I 
should have been more clear I guess.   :-)

HNY everyone,



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>I must be misunderstanding..
>My C21 hears both sidebands all the time.
>On 12/29/2017 10:47 PM, Dukes HiFi wrote:
>>Its advantage over direct conversion is freedom from hum and images 
>>(wrong sideband).
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