[TenTec] new Eagle

Michael Tortorella w2iy at verizon.net
Tue Jul 4 13:28:35 EDT 2017

Hi Greg and John,

Thanks for the info.  I have found that some of the birdies go away when I
disconnect the antenna so maybe some are simply local junk up here in Maine.
Some of it is certainly high-swr related because many of these are heard on
a band (e. g. 30 meters) if I have not run the auto-tuner.  That said, I am
at a vacation location and lacking access to anything more sophisticated
than a multimeter :-)  But little by little we will zero in on this.  The
Eagle is running 2.004 firmware, I need to check the TenTec website to see
if there is a later version available, maybe that would help too.  In any
case, the bands are pretty dead up here the last few days, I hope thing
improve a little as I would like to run the IARU HF contest next weekend.

73, Mike W2IY



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At first blush, sounds power supply related to me. My first troubleshooting
step involves disconnecting everything from rig except power cord, straight
key and dummy load. Measure voltage AT RIG while key-down into dummy load at
max power. Try the tuner into the dummy load....what does it do? (Made
assumption earlier the coaxial jumper is good....another common weak link in
the chain.) still hear the spuruii with dummy load attached?  Report back,
as there are many members of this list WAYYYYY more knowledgeable than I. I
have only attended 2 schools: hard knocks and experience ;-).  Hope you find
it is not trouble with your new Eagle.


73- Greg KC8HXO 

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You might be getting RF from high SWR back into your Eagle.  I have seen
transceivers do weird things when stray RF gets into it.
I did have a situation where the antenna tuner did not tune, did not even
try.  The SWR was too high.  When I fixed the antenna, the Eagle antenna
tuner operated normally again.
Its a great little transceiver, especially for CW. Hope you enjoy it.
73....John Bescher, N4DXI
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Hello to the list, I have just put my Eagle on the air from my vacation QTH
in Maine and have a couple of questions that are not answered in the manual.
(1)I am hearing an awful lot of what sound like spurious signals..as much as
about every 1 kHz or so on 30 an 20 meters CW..some with the antenna
disconnected and some not.  Does this seem normal to other Eagle users?
(2)about how long should the autotuner require for a match?  It seems like
sometimes you press the tune button and nothing is happening for 30 seconds
or more (the SWR indicator stays pegged at high) (I turned the tune off
after about 30 seconds to avoid overheating).  Turned the radio off and back
on again and it seems to tune more speedily.  Has anyone else experienced
this what sounds like the radio temporarily losing its mind?
Thanks an 73, Mike W2IY
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