[TenTec] Selling my Century 22

Tim Cook nz8j at woh.rr.com
Thu Jul 6 10:40:45 EDT 2017

I've decided to sell the Century 22 I recently bought. If you follow this
reflector you'll see you'll need to get the dial string (and pin for the PTO
shaft) redone, I have the old one.


The radio receives great and has 15 - 20 watts out on all bands showing on
my Elecraft W2 wattmeter. The PTO is very smooth from end to end. There is
no calibrator installed.  I found that turning the PTO fully CCW and setting
the outer dial to approximately 37, the frequency is right on at 0 on the
dial. I only operate in the first several kc of the band anyhow so the dial
string isn't a big deal in actual operating.


There are scratches on the cabinet of the radio, and also on the matching
power supply, I have pictures to show them.


I have the manual in a binder for the radio along with some other info on
the radio.


I'll ship and insure both the radio and power supply in the US for $230,
prefer PayPal but postal money order is ok as well.


Please contact me off list direct to nz8j at woh.rr.com
<mailto:nz8j at woh.rr.com>   for more info and pictures.







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