Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Jul 13 19:52:45 EDT 2017

glad you got a good buyer for your rig with the bad switch!

FD was kind of a bust for us.  Warmer than we wanted, and very 
debilitating heat, even though ops were inside.

There was a scheduling snafu and a last minute class meant we had to 
move the CW station to a conference room in another building.  The main 
op on CW for day shift is wheel chair bound and the table was a not a 
good height for him.  We tried chair cushions to raise him up but 
finally put some boards under his wheel chair.  He has to have a Nurse 
with him due to some of his problems, so it was first time we had that 
at FD.  He did not score as high as past years but every bit of cW 
helped.  We had but one contact on 80m CW, and no sSb on 80.  No one was 
coming back to CQ Fd. there.

We had our phone stations all crowded around a big door used on saw 
horses as a table in a lobby.  The noise even with head phones was 
distracting.  We were next door to the extra class, and in fact had to 
use Duct tape to tape our coaxes thru that room at front, to windows 
toward the antennas.  The guy who does VHF 10 /15m and was going to 
coach GOTA this year found that was just too much to do, so we did not 
use the GOTA call at all and did not score any GOTA operators.

We had to run SSB station coax down a hall and then out an unused office 
window to get to back lawn where we raised a 30 foot slip up mast, and 
used one of our 88 foot Cebik Doublets on 40, &20. We had an NVIS 
doublet up about 5 feet high, and then the inverted doublet on mast. 
The mast was 40 foot capable, but we were afraid to walk up that much, 
so left 10 feet retracted.  We intended to take out the extra 10 foot 
piece, but found the piece was bent near the end of it, and would into 
come out.  It was walked up safely anyway, and worked well with our two 
Tee bar fence posts to straddle the slip up mast and provide places to 
surround it with clamps. We set pm a Metal plate.

More later, got to run.

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