[TenTec] Omni VI Rubbery crud on PCB

Steve Berg wa9jml at frontier.com
Mon Jul 17 21:53:17 EDT 2017

The rubbery stuff may be conformal coating.  I had to use that stuff 
when I worked in the Motorola factory when Ford wanted their CB radios 
to be gunked up with this stuff.

Steve WA9JML

On 7/17/2017 8:22 PM, Bwana Bob wrote:
> Yuk! I've seen brown crud on the foil side of the circuit boards  my 
> Paragon and another one that I worked on. In those cases the crud was 
> excess soldering flux. I cleaned it off with isopropyl alcohol and 
> cotton swabs.  The white stuff may be some kind of oxidation or 
> corrosion.  Mold would be black.
> 73,
> Bob WB2VUF

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