[TenTec] notch filter for Eagle?

Gary F dukeshifi at comcast.net
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I think Ten Tec's reasoning on the VFO is that there really are not two physical VFO's in the sense that one has in an analog radio, except when in split. Thus there was no need to call out which "VFO" the user had selected when operating transceive, since you are simply jumping between two tunable memories when you select A or B.

The Orion is a different matter in that, while it is still simply tuning different memories, there are two distinct knobs, two distinct synthesizers, and thus two separate real VFO's controlling two separate receivers a well as a transmitter, which can be controlled by either VFO (and it is essential that you know WHICH one!).

Changing the colors is also pretty easy, you get into the menus and simply adjust the red, blue and green to get any color you like.

The Eagle is a great radio and I know you will enjoy it. Have fun.


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> On Jul 19, 2017, at 8:02 PM, Michael Tortorella <w2iy at verizon.net> wrote:
> Gary,
> Yes, I learned from TT service that the output power in autotune is 20 watts
> despite what the display says while in autotune mode (100).  I had to ask
> them this because the display power output indicator is not correct when in
> autotune mode.  I am going to have to read up on how to change the colors.
> It sure would be easier if the B VFO frequency were labeled with a B
> whenever the tuning knob was running the B VFO (and similarly for the A
> VFO).
> Thanks for the info.
> 73
> Mike
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> The Eagle does have a notch function. I don't recall how to activate it but
> it is in the manual.
> It's sort of useless, like all Ten Tec notch filters, since it is outside
> the AGC loop, so, while it does not have the carrier, it also attenuated
> your desired signal by about as much as it reduces the carrier.
> The reduction to 20 watts in Tune is self-defense. Orion's do it too. This
> is to prevent the presence of full 100 watts into a mismatch. It is good
> policy.
> Orion's had an option in which you could press the Power button, I believe,
> to get 100 watts in Tune after match had been reached.
> Red arid green the A//B VFO, there really is no A or B VFO in the
> traditional sense and Eagle only has one tuning knob. Therefore, the A/B
> indicator serves no function in transceive operation. In split operation,
> that indicator should flip when going fro RX to TX to tell you which
> displayed frequency is the TX frequency.
> Gary 
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>> On Jul 19, 2017, at 3:05 PM, Michael Tortorella <w2iy at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Hi all, I am hearing an awful lot of steady carrier signals up here in the
>> frozen north of Downeast Maine.   Most are not very strong and they go
> away
>> when I disconnect the antenna so they are external to the radio.  Today I
> am
>> chasing TR8CA on 20 CW, he is way down in the noise, and 100 Hz away from
>> one of these carriers.  Sure would be nice to have something like a notch
>> filter to help in situations like these but I could not see anywhere in
> the
>> manual or front panel where I could notch the offending carrier.  Is there
>> any list wisdom on this?  
>> On another note, I did contact service at TT last week with my question
>> about power out in autotune; after only a few days delay I got an answer
>> that the power out in autotune is 20 watts even though the power output
>> shown on the display is 100.  This seems not quite right from a human
>> factors point of view, maybe there can be a firmware fix?  Also, when
>> exchanging VFOs, the A,B labels do not change even when the B vfo is in
>> large type at the top of the display.  I find this confusing.  OK, I guess
>> this turned into a longer letter about a couple of other things besides
>> notch filtering, so please excuse my prolixity and thank for the BW.  Any
>> suggestions appreciated.
>> Thanks and 73, Mike W2IY 
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