[TenTec] notch filter for Eagle?

Dukes HiFi dukeshifi at comcast.net
Thu Jul 20 10:46:34 EDT 2017

I agree Rick.

The same thing happened in the music industry decades ago with the illusion that CD audio was “perfect” and that there was no longer any need for vinyl.

Well, I still play my vinyl, my amp is full of tubes and my speakers are 35 years old and better than anything you can buy at Best Buy at any price.

If my Pro 2 goes south, there are still hundreds of them out there, and, as you say, going for shelf-clearing prices. In addition, the 7600, relatively new, also has the true notch filter, though its noise blanker is probably not as good as that of the Pro2. I have only operated a 7600 for a few hours…

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