[TenTec] notch filter for Eagle?

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Fri Jul 21 17:14:02 EDT 2017

I find a small lug that fits the retaining screw ,solder a short piece 
of wire to it, and solder the other end to a single Power Pole. This 
makes it easy to plug and play bonding both inside the shack and when I 
take the computer to FD or county expeditions for CQP and 7QP. When I 
need to use the VGA port, the lug can fit between the two connector shells.

73, Jim

On 7/21/2017 1:43 PM, Michael Tortorella wrote:
> Oh duh, I am sitting here looking at the VGA port.  And of course, bonding,
> not grounding, unless there is an actual ground connection.  Now I need to
> go look for a VGA cable that can be boogered up

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