[TenTec] A question about jupiter external speaker connection

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Wed Jul 26 12:46:08 EDT 2017

Hi Dale,

If you're connecting a real loudspeaker to that radio, there is zero 
need for bonding it to the radio chassis. Loudspeakers are not 
"ground-referenced." A loudspeaker with a built-in amplifier presents a 
different problem -- the input of the amplifier is usually unbalanced, 
and the output stage of the radio may not like having one side of its 
output connected to the chassis. This would NOT be a problem if the 
radio's output stage is transformer-coupled, but it COULD be an issue 
with one that is not. That said, I would be rather surprised if a Ten 
Tec radio was designed with an output stage has that problem.

73, Jim K9YC

On 7/26/2017 8:35 AM, dale via TenTec wrote:
> Reading in the jupiter manual, it states the external speaker jack is not grounded and the output is floating. I have seen suggestions that a audio isolation transformer should be put on line between the radio and speaker. Suggesting if you don't you can short out the audio amp in the jupiter. about as many also said they just plugged in their 1/4" phone plug and every thing worked fine.
>       I looked at the drawing of J5, the the ext speaker jack I see no chassis ground , is the jack isolated from ground?  as long as the speaker in the external,desk speaker
> is also not grounded to the speaker case. why would you need a isolation transformer?
>   Maybe Iam missing something
> 73
> dale
> wt4t
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