[TenTec] Ten-Tec KR-1 Paddle - Free but broken

GWP gm5bkc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:21:08 EDT 2017

A few years ago I bought a Ten Tec KR-1 Iambic paddle.

The person shipped it to me in a crappy box and both of the paddle pivots
were broken.  He then became a SK and I was stuck with it.

The paddle pivots are an unusual molded plastic part and I can't see a way
to repair it.

If anyone wants it, I'll mail it for $8.00.  The black paddle pieces are
good, and the metal enclosure is not scratched and the Ten Tec logo piece
is there. There is a heavy steel block fastened to the underside of the
enclosure cover to give the paddles some weight.

I have photos that I can send if anyone is interested.

Glenn AE0Q

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