[TenTec] .060 Allen wrench + PTO

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I have both Craftsman and Bondhus wrenches in both SAE and metric. The SAE 1/16" wrenches mic at 0.061, and the metric 1.5mm wrenches mic at 0.059. Either one should work nicely on your Argosy.

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I have two "asks" as I get ready to rebuild a couple of PTOs:  1) does anyone have a spare .060 Allen wrench that they could spare?  I've looked all over and can't seem to find anyone who sells them.  This is the larger of the 2 needed to take the front panel knobs off of an Argosy.

Second, does anyone have a spare PTO they'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price?  Doesn't need to work; I'm mostly interested in the housing.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Brown, N1CVX

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