[TenTec] Omni VI questions

Stan Gammons s_gammons at charter.net
Sun Jul 30 14:16:49 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I have an Omni VI I recently purchased and have a couple questions about 
it.  It has a 2.4 Khz and 500 Hz filter on the PBT board.  The 9 Mhz IF 
board has 2 filters on it as well. But I don't know what bandwidth the 
filters are on the IF board.  The filter in the optional filter slot has 
288 written on top of the crystals.  It has 8 crystals on it. I don't 
see a 2XX number on the the other filter on the IF board. It too has 8 
crystals on it. Aside from sweeping them, anyone know of another way to 
identify what the filters are?

The other question is, is there a common failure that would cause the 
radio to be off frequency?  Near as I can tell using fldigi in one of 
the wide PSK modes and tuning to WWV, the radio is off about 20 Hz off 
on LSB and about 40 Hz off on USB.

The PS I got with the radio is a model 960.  Over time the voltage from 
it will vary a little according to my Fluke 8842A. Only from 13.8560 to 
13.8538 or so.

If I deciphered the S/N correctly, the radio was made in Nov 1996.  The 
PS S/N doesn't seem to follow standard numbering, so I'm unsure of the 
age of it.  So, I don't know if it's time to considering replacing all 
of the electrolytics in the radio and PS.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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