[TenTec] Current Firmware

Vic Klein vhklein at ptd.net
Tue Mar 7 06:06:23 EST 2017

The last Omni VII firmware version is 1.037 which was posted by John Henry
on the Yahoo Omni VII site. The last one on the Ten Tec site is 1.036, which
had a small bug in the handling of remote CW memories that John fixed in the
one on the Yahoo site. Both use an installer which makes it pretty easy, but
that said I was unable to do it with just a serial port connection. John
suggested I install through the Ethernet port, and that worked perfectly.
All the rest of the software listed with the Omni VII product description on
the tentec.com site is current.






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[TenTec] Current Firmware


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Good morning all,



Quick question... has anyone on the list done a recent Omni VII firmware 

upgrade from the files currently on the "new" Ten Tec site?



If so, any issues or anything to watch out for?



I'd thought I'd downloaded the files years ago from the old RFSquared site;

I did, they've been misplaced in the last shack computer updated.  I've now 

been advised that some issues I ran into during the contest this last

might indicate I need to update the firmware, and I before I do so, well,

prefer to avoid issues ahead of time.  (And I can load the firmware from an

XP laptop, since I've heard some have had issues with Win 7)






73, ron w3wn



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