[TenTec] Setting BFO in Omni VI - Help

H. M. Motley, Jr, hmmjr at comcast.net
Sat Mar 11 11:40:10 EST 2017

Recently I attempted to set the BFO frequencies in my OMNI VI.  I set the LSB to 9.000 and the USB to 9.003 as close as I could but the CW TX which should be 9.000400 would not come closer than 9.000460.  I assume no matter where I set the ST/Offset I will be off by 60Hz?  I did not bother with the FSK mark and space frequencies because I never use FSK.  Perhaps had I set them the CW would have come in closer?

A question - just how do you get the mark / space frequencies to change to set them?  Plug and unplug  a shorted plug into the FSK jack? 



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