[TenTec] Paragon low power Output

Steve Cochrane w7jsc at msn.com
Tue Mar 28 07:56:50 EDT 2017

Yes, exactly my problem Perry. Where are the reed switches located, on the bandpass filter board?

3923.5 KHz 100+ watts Ic 14
7200 KHz 20 watts Ic 19
10100KHz 30 watts Ic 19
14300 KHz 9 watts Ic 19
18150 KHz 2 watts Ic 19
21300KHz 0 watts Ic 15
24950 Khz 2 watts Ic 11
28500 Khz 10 watts Ic 13

Steve w7jsc

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>My Paragon puts out full power on 80 meters, but has low power output 
>on all the other bands. Is there a Paragon expert out there that can 
>point me in the right direction on troubleshooting this problem? I'm 
>using a 50 ohm dummy load of course. It had full output on all bands 
>until one day I turned it on and I couldn't get full power. The amps 
>(Ip) look about where it should be, but output is way down.

Check your collector current on the bands with low output. Is it the same
as the 80 meter reading with full output?   If so.....

Check your TX output bandpass filter reed switches.  Check to see if the reed switches are off on the bands not being used.

Typically this problem is caused by reed switches not being turned off or just stuck on when not using those bands, causing a heavy load on the final and low output.

Perry   w8au 

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