[TenTec] For Sale: Omni VI, Extras

Ed Purvis wa4njy at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 18:29:10 EDT 2017

Have a clean and working Omni VI that could use some work to be 100%.
Includes TT 700 mic, original manual, new power cord, 1.8kc filter (288 I think).
Main issues:   1. Cosmetics-  Scratches on sides of cabinet.  Slight blotchy paint on top.                                             VFO knob has no set screw.   Shim added to shaft and works fine.
                      2. Operation-  Display off frequency, most noticeable on 20 meters (approx 250Hz).                                             Other bands close.  Having an Omni V, I am used to this.
                                             Meter action seems to be "un-damped" on transmit.  Ok on receive.

Price is $350 plus shipping, packed well.   A local demo and pick up near Tampa, Fl would be great.
Photo available.

Ed WA4NJYBradenton, Fl

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